Community Helps Community 

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year it’s that it takes the effort of everyone in order to make an impact. We’ve seen this a lot this year with the pandemic. Whether it be the efforts taken by everyone to protect the well being of each individual or the way communities came together to provide […]

The Diversity of Motherhood

May is the month that we remember our mothers and the many ways they have impacted our lives. Some have fond memories of moms who were always there, who were nurturing, caring, loving and gave of themselves sacrificially each and every day. We felt loved.   “My mom played a role in the development of […]


COMMUNITY….. This word has many different meanings and can symbolize various relationships. During this year, we will be expanding on several aspects of this word! You can live in a particular community – this is when you live in a certain area, but community can also be a group where you feel a sense of […]