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Adoption information

Adoption is a loving choice for your unborn child

Many think there are only two options … to parent or to abort. But, when you are experiencing a pregnancy, adoption may be the best option to consider.


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Adoption can be a loving option for a birth mother, baby, and adoptive family

Adoptions can be open, semi-open, or closed. You get to make that choice. In an open adoption, you choose the family with whom to place your child. If you’re interested in learning more, Birth Choice offers resources for you to explore and research when you are ready.



Not Ready To Be a Mom Yet?

If you're worried about the challenges and commitment of raising a child but prefer not to choose abortion, placing your baby for adoption is a compassionate and responsible option to see the pregnancy through.


  • Find a family that shares your values
  • Carry your baby to term with confidence
  • Choose to stay updated on your child with an open or semi-open adoption plan


How can Birth Choice Help Me?


  • Discuss different types of adoptions
  • Direct connections to adoption professionals
  • Resources to Adoption Agencies
  • Resources to Housing and Maternity Homes
  • Support before, during, and after birth
  • Referral to other Community Resources
"Everyone there was very loving and supportive. No Judgement. My advocate seemed to really understand my situation and was able to give me real choices. I learned a lot."
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Looking For something else?

We're available to help on your own terms. Support is available through text, call, or in-person at our clinic. All with your confidentiality preserved.


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