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An unplanned pregnancy comes with lots of questions. Get the answers you’re looking for to make the best decision for your future.


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Can You Take The Abortion Pill Without An Ultrasound?

Before you take the abortion pill, it's important to understand exactly the status of the fetus. In...

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How Much Does An Abortion Cost?

How Much Is An Abortion? Considering an abortion involves many factors, including the cost. Here's...

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I want an Abortion, What's Next?

Considering abortion? If you’re reading this, you may be feeling overwhelmed, scared, or unsure...

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How to Prepare for An Abortion Pill

If you're pregnant and thinking about using the abortion pill, there are important things to...

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Does Abortion Hurt?

When it comes to abortion, there's a lot of misinformation out there, leaving many young women to...

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Abortion Changes You

As we talked about in our last blog, there are many challenges that can lead men and women facing...

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The Challenges That Can Change a Pregnancy Decision

Pregnancy is a life changing event! Whether it’s planned or unplanned finding out you’re pregnant...

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I Understand. I’ve Been There.

Have you just had a positive pregnancy test? You’re scared and don’t know what to do? Maybe you’re...

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Why is Empowerment so Important?

Here at Birth Choice we believe that the foundation of empowerment is EDUCATION! Yep you heard that...

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