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An unplanned pregnancy comes with lots of questions. Get the answers you’re looking for to make the best decision for your future.


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Are You Scared a Baby Will Ruin Your Life?

Finding out you are pregnant may feel like all your dreams and hopes have become shattered. 

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Am I Pregnant?

Unlocking the mysteries of early pregnancy involves understanding the remarkable signals your body...

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How to Prepare for An Abortion Pill

If you're pregnant and thinking about using the abortion pill, there are important things to...

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When Did I Conceive?

So, you might be pregnant, but when exactly did that happen, and how do you figure out who the...

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How Is This Free?

Birth Choice of San Marcos offers free services to women who are pregnant or have faced an...

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Does Abortion Hurt?

Having an abortion is a tough situation, and it can affect you emotionally and physically. People...

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Consistency of Care

consistency over time produces growth

A wise person once told me, “consistency over time...

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Birth Control Changes Your Body

We’re all guilty of taking something without doing any research or ignoring data that is available....

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Change as You Step into Motherhood

As you’re sitting down in the bathroom looking at a positive pregnancy test so many feelings are...

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