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Am I Pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?

Unlocking the mysteries of early pregnancy involves understanding the remarkable signals your body sends. If unprotected sex is recent, and your menstrual cycle is amiss, the chances of experiencing early pregnancy symptoms are significant.

Early Pregnancy Signs & Symptoms

While every pregnancy and woman differ, familiar thoughts might cross your mind:

  • Did I miss my period?
  • I'm feeling nauseous.
  • My breasts are tender.
  • Why do I suddenly take frequent trips to the bathroom?
  • I'm always tired.
  • Why am I having mood swings?

If these thoughts are running through your mind, you're probably picking up on the signals your body is sending and wondering, "Am I pregnant?"

It's noteworthy that pregnancy might still be a possibility even if you believe you've had your period. "Implantation bleeding" can occasionally occur, leading to light spotting, distinct from a regular period.


How To Find Out If You’re Pregnant

If you're encountering these symptoms or recently had unprotected sex, numerous women facing similar uncertainties have found guidance with a pregnancy test and ultrasound


Pregnancy Test

Initiating the journey to confirm pregnancy involves taking a lab-grade pregnancy test, known for over 99% accuracy in detecting hormone levels associated with pregnancy.

As a non-profit organization, we extend assistance with free, confidential pregnancy tests. Eligible individuals may also opt for a Limited OB ultrasound during their subsequent appointment to determine the gestational age of their pregnancy.



Beyond confirming pregnancy, an ultrasound provides insights into the fetus' viability. Sonographers can measure the fetus, aiding in determining the approximate date of conception.


Online Pregnancy Help

For those seeking confirmation, free tests, or ultrasounds, the Birth Choice of San Marcos is a supportive resource. A simple text to (760) 374-8786 connects you with a registered nurse or trained client advocate who can address your questions and guide you through available options.

Looking For something else?

We’re available to help on your own terms. Support is available through text, call, or in-person at our clinic. All with your confidentiality preserved.


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