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When Did I Conceive?

When Did I Conceive?

So, you might be pregnant, but when exactly did that happen, and how do you figure out who the father is?

Well, there's no super exact science to pinpoint the exact day you concieved, but kind of like figuring out when your period is due, there are some methods to get a close guess.


When Did I Conceive?

No matter if you're only 2 weeks along or a bit further, you can use some easy math to get a rough idea of when you got pregnant.

Most people have about two to three days each month when they're most likely to get pregnant – this is called an ovulation window and usually happens about two weeks after your last period started.


Conception Date Calculator

By doing some simple math from the start of your last period, you can get a ballpark figure of when you might have gotten pregnant.

If math isn't your favorite, no worries. There are free online calculators that can help you out, or you can hit us up with a text at (760) 374-8786.

Keep in mind, this is just a rough guess because every person's cycle is a bit different. Some folks ovulate earlier and some ovulate later in their cycle so not everyone's cycle follows the same rules.

Additionally, sometimes sex even before the ovulation window starts can still lead to pregnancy. Sperm can stay alive for up to five days, so it might still impregnate you even if it's early on in your cycle.


Conception Date From Ultrasound

Another way to estimate your conception date is with an ultrasound. Ultrasounds can give a more accurate date range because babies grow at a steady pace.

You can schedule an ultrasound at your local OBGYN, but there's usually some paperwork and bills involved. If you'd rather skip the hassle, Birth Choice can provide you with a free ultrasound, no insurance involved.


Get Help Determining Your Conception Date

If you're still scratching your head about when you conceived or just have questions about the journey of pregnancy, we're here to help.

Shoot us a text at (760) 374-8786, and a real registered nurse or trained client advocate will help answer your questions and guide you through what's next.

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