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Change as You Step into Motherhood

Change as You Step into Motherhood

As you’re sitting down in the bathroom looking at a positive pregnancy test so many feelings are probably rushing through your head. Maybe you’re feeling afraid or maybe excited, maybe unprepared or more prepared than ever, or maybe a little of everything. After a positive pregnancy test things are going to change, whether or not you choose to step into the changes that comes from motherhood, is up to you.

Like we have been talking about all year, our lives are constantly changing, sometimes for good and other times for worse. I want to challenge you to believe that the changes that come from motherhood will be some of the best changes of your life. Now, that is not to say there won’t be challenges but rather that the joys of motherhood in the end, will always outweigh the struggles. There are many changes that come with motherhood, like physical, financial and emotional changes. I want to focus on things you will learn in your motherhood journey.

As a mom not only are you getting to teach your children but they will also teach you. When you are sleep deprived, emotional, and just want a break, you will learn what unconditional love looks like. On the day when your kids won’t stop screaming and spill their juice on your white carpet you will learn to have more patience than you ever knew possible. When your house is a mess, your kids are doing everything they shouldn’t and you feel like you’re failing as a mom you will learn to extend grace to your children and to yourself. What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to learn how to love unconditionally, react with patience, and extend grace. The changes motherhood brings will create growth in your life and leave you with joy.

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