Myth or Fact [ What is a Mobile Clinic & Care Center ]

This blog article is so good for so many reasons! Not only are we debunking some myths associated with pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), but also we got to do a super-secret interview with the CEO, Heidi Hill! Okay, it wasn’t that secret but it was that awesome. She helped to answer some questions that you […]

The Necessity of an Ultrasound before Making a Choice

Your pregnancy test was positive. Your heart is pounding and a million thoughts flood into your brain. Are you excited or panicked? Before making any decisions or plans, the smartest thing to do is to get an ultrasound for more information. An ultrasound will confirm the pregnancy by locating a heartbeat, determining an accurate gestational […]

The Morning After Pill

Even though the morning after pill is readily available, it is wise to educate yourself on the facts before acting. You have the legal right to be fully informed about what effects these pills have on your body and your overall health. Facing a pregnancy is difficult, but information is powerful and you are already […]