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Are You Scared a Baby Will Ruin Your Life?

Are You Scared a Baby Will Ruin Your Life?

Finding out you are pregnant may feel like all your dreams and hopes have become shattered. 

That dream is still intact though. It is up to you whether you break that dream into pieces or continue to move forward with it.


Unplanned Pregnancy

In life, there will always be the unseeable that comes along our path. You may be feeling that baby will ruin the life you had planned for yourself.

Life is never planned out no matter how much you put into detail on how you are going to achieve those goals you have set for yourself. Though this unplanned pregnancy feels like it’s not the right timing, you can continue to follow your goals and dreams.


Your Life Doesn’t Have to Be Ruined

Make a new path that will lead you to your desired destination. If along the way you realize maybe that’s no longer your dream, that’s okay too. Create a new dream, a new destination. Regardless, dreams continue, and your life is not over.

Having a baby doesn’t have to stop you from getting your degree, striving for the career you want, getting the promotion you want, or traveling to new places. This just means you’ll have a number one fan by your side who gets to see all the wonderful things that their mom will be achieving in life.

Being pregnant may not have been a goal for you at this time in your life, but a baby can add fuel to your dreams and give you that deeper inspiration and motivation to accomplish them.


What If I Don’t Want a Baby?

Of course, if parenting is not something you can see alongside your dreams, there is always adoption as an option. You can continue your life while your baby lives their own life in a loving home that you chose for them.


I Still Feel Scared to Go Through This Alone

You have nine months to figure everything out, there is no rush to decide today what you want to do.

If you need guidance on how you can continue your dreams with a baby on the way, you can schedule a consultation with us. One of our client advocates would be able to talk with you and answer any questions you have, as well as provide you with the resources you’ll need.


Life is Not Easy

Life & motherhood are not always easy. It can be unpredictable and a rollercoaster of emotions, but motherhood is a beautiful lifelong journey filled with lots of love.

The path to your dreams will be a loving one. So, continue to pursue your dreams, taking things day by day. You got this!



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