Why is Empowerment so Important?

Here at Birth Choice we believe that the foundation of empowerment is EDUCATION! Yep you heard that right, education brings empowerment, to you, to him, to her, to all of us! We want every individual who walks through our doors to leave with information and to be educated on topics that matter. Let’s take a […]

Sex is a Choice… and that’s Sexy

Every day we have tons of choices to make. Some we don’t think about, others are difficult and some are empowering! What is the foundation of each of your choices? We want to challenge you to face every choice you have with an educated foundation.

5 Things to Know about Your Sexual Exposure

1.) You have all the power… You heard me right! Your sexual exposure is your choice. You are the person who decides whether to expose yourself to STDs. Let me repeat the last sentence for dramatic affect. You are the person who decides whether or not to expose yourself to STDs!! This is empowering especially […]