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Natural Womanhood

Natural Womanhood

We’ve all heard not to mess with nature, to learn to read the signs around us, and that natural beauty is attractive. But these aren’t just cliche statements to throw around casually! These are real things that matter to women’s health and happiness. Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by this… well let’s look a little deeper into each of those statements. 

Before we talk about the way a woman’s body was naturally made to work, we need to first talk about how birth control works. This may come as a shock to you, but birth control actually works against the natural changes of your body and its purpose is actually to manipulate your cycle. Yikes!

Birth control works in a few ways: preventing ovulation, inhibiting the transport of sperm and changing the lining of your uterus. To learn more about how birth control works, check out our previous blog.


Birth Control Side Effects

Have you ever thought about how you could be messing with your body’s natural rhythms, wanted to learn to read your body’s natural signs or how chemicals could actually change the type of men you attract?

Well interestingly enough, birth control has noticeable effects on all of these. Taking birth control messes with your body’s natural cycle. Although some see this as a good thing, many women also feel like it’s not worth the long-term effects because of the negative effects on their bodies. Some of those effects could be: loss of libido, headaches, changes in weight, and nausea.

Did you know that birth control pill are classified as a group one carcinogen? Say what?? Just like anything in nature that we mess with, nature will fight back in an attempt to keep itself (your body) in it’s own natural balance.




How Your Body Responds to Contraceptives

This can explain some of the changes you may go through when beginning to take birth control – your body is fighting back to keep in its normal rhythm.  Learning to read the signs around us is a valuable skill in life. Learning to read your own body’s signs is even more valuable.

The problem is, when taking birth control, your body often doesn’t display many of its natural signs.


The Cervical Mucus & Your Cycle

However, if you are tracking your cycle and understanding your natural rhythms instead of altering it with chemicals, you will be able to notice many things, one of which is a change in your cervical mucus.

This provides you with information specific to your overall health that no one else can tell you, such as a hormonal imbalance, when you are fertile and other indicators of overall health. Your cervical mucus is changing throughout your cycle and knowing what is normal will help to identify anything that is amiss which will benefit you greatly!


Can Birth Control Affect My Looks?

Lastly, let’s look at how natural beauty is most attractive. We see through many studies that women who let their bodies go through their cycles naturally are more attractive to men. This is because men are most attracted to women when they are fertile. When women are taking birth control, their cycles are altered, causing them not to experience a fertile stage in their cycle. This really throws things out of whack for not only your body but also that of a future partner!


Free Sexual Health Education

We hope this encourages you to do some more research of your own, to learn about how birth control could affect you and learn more about how sometimes your body really does know what’s best for itself. Happy research!


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