Pregnancy Centers Impact Communities

Birth Choice is proud to be a member of the worldwide organization, Heartbeat International, which recently released a statistic that 1.5 million clients were served in 2018 by pregnancy centers and medical clinics in-network with Heartbeat International. Wow! That is a large number of women that these pregnancy help organizations were able to serve! It begs the question: what is it that they are doing and providing for so many people?  Pregnancy centers, like Birth Choice, are here to help and enrich the communities that we serve. We can do this by providing free services to women and their families.


All pregnancy centers and medical clinics have the same goal, which is: to provide support and resources to those in an unplanned pregnancy. They do this by providing numerous services free of cost to their clients. These services include free pregnancy verification – through pregnancy tests & ultrasounds, options education, parenting classes, baby supplies, after-abortion care classes, miscarriage support, sexual health education, and many other referrals for community resources. We are able to see anyone who walks in our doors looking for help; regardless of their age, background, insurance coverage, the decision they plan to make or any other thing that could get in their way of being seen at other facilities.


Leaving Birth Choice, it is our goal that the client not only has learned something new but also is proud of the decision she has made. Many women in an unplanned pregnancy feel like they are going to do it alone, however, after learning more about the support and community resources available to them, many feel a sense of relief knowing that they now have options. Making a decision about an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, but pregnancy centers can step in during that time of need to educate women and men. They have the option and we will provide them with resources to assist them to parent if they so choose, when before they didn’t even feel like that was a realistic option. On top of that women learn how adoption is actually a selfless and loving choice; contrary to what many believe about adoption.  We also inform the client of the types of abortions available to them and what impact it could have on them now and in the future. We give them questions to ask the abortionist to confirm their personal safety and care, aftercare tips and explain as much as we can to help prepare them for what they may experience. We also offer After Abortion Care to women who may be dealing with grief after an abortion. This is just a brief explanation of what we do every day. We would love to explain it more to you, give you a tour or offer our services to anyone you might know in need of them.


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Remember, Birth Choice is always here to help you through the ups and downs of life! If you want to talk to someone to learn more about pregnancy centers, give us a call! We are here to help and empower you.


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