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Why is Empowerment so Important?

Why is Empowerment so Important?

Here at Birth Choice we believe that the foundation of empowerment is EDUCATION! Yep you heard that right, education brings empowerment, to you, to him, to her, to all of us! We want every individual who walks through our doors to leave with information and to be educated on topics that matter. Let’s take a look at the education Birth Choice provides and talk about why it is so important.

When a woman comes into Birth Choice, she walks out knowing the result of her pregnancy test – whether it is positive or negative. Depending on her results, she will have different choices that she will have to make and these choices determine the education she will receive to help equip her to make those decisions. When she leaves our center, we want her to feel EMPOWERED to make a decision that she will feel good about tomorrow, 10 days from now and 10 years from now. 

  First, let’s talk about the woman with a positive pregnancy test. She is now faced with many choices. This woman will receive education on all three of her options. No matter what option she is leaning toward, it is essential for this woman to receive an ultrasound. We provide ultrasounds at no cost to her, to find out how far along she is in her pregnancy.

If the woman is considering the option of abortion, we want to educate her on abortion so she can make a well informed decision. This education includes understanding what to expect in the procedure and how women should take care of themselves. Providing this education is essential to Birth Choice because we truly care about women’s health and safety.

Learning about the option of abortion entails learning about fetal development to better understand the type of procedure they would be having and this is dependent on the stage of their pregnancy. We educate women on the side effects that she could experience, both physically and emotionally, following the abortion procedure.

Next, we would present the option of adoption. Often times, women are simply uneducated or partially educated on the adoption system and all the changes for the better that have occured in recent years. For some women, learning that she has that third option, another one outside of abortion or parenting, can be the most freeing news she’ll hear. Adoption is one of the most selfless and loving options a woman can choose. Lastly, we want to share with this woman, the option of parenting. By no means do we think that parenting is going to be easy! Therefore, we feel that the best way to support parents, is to not just provide information one time, at their initial appointment, but to also provide education and support that goes through pregnancy and up through their child’s toddler years. After she has been educated on all three of her options, we believe that this woman will be able to make choices that leave her feeling empowered with the outcome of her pregnancy. 

So what about that woman with a negative pregnancy test… Maybe that result is a relief to this woman. However, before she goes running out the door thinking she has nothing to worry about, we have a few things we want to share with her.

First, we think women need to be educated on their sexual exposure. Along with this, we want to discuss with her the importance of being tested for sexually transmitted diseases, since many STD’s are asymptomatic, meaning you could have contracted one without showing any symptoms. That means, you could have a sexually transmitted disease and not know! Many women have questions regarding birth control which is why we take time during this appointment to talk about that and answer some common questions. We also want to take a bit of time to talk about her relationship and if it is the healthiest thing for her right now. We want to empower and educate women to be the best versions of themselves and we do this by educating women on their body’s natural rhythms and empowering them to stand up for the respect they deserve. Every woman’s whole being is so so so important to us which is why we want to take the time to inform her so she can make educated choices – especially on these important topics. 

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about how we empower women through education. If you ever have questions on any of the topics we mentioned we would love to educate you too, so you can leave here feeling more empowered!

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