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Community Helps Community 

Community Helps Community

If there’s anything we’ve learned this year it’s that it takes the effort of everyone in order to make an impact. We’ve seen this a lot this year with the pandemic. Whether it be the efforts taken by everyone to protect the well being of each individual or the way communities came together to provide resources for those in need. In order for a community (a group of people living in the same place) to thrive we need to be in community (fellowship/friendship). This year definitely taught us the value of community which fit so well with our theme at Birth Choice. We want to take some time to recap some things we shared earlier this year.

Let’s remember that vulnerability in communities is “an attitude of openness which creates a bond with others and also an opportunity that encourages others to share as well.” Are you willing to be vulnerable with those in your community if it means helping them find the support they might need?

One of the most vulnerable topics can be an unplanned pregnancy. It takes a lot of vulnerability to share with others that you are pregnant, especially when circumstances might not be ideal.We wrote a whole blog talking about how different people in the community are affected by unplanned pregnancies. One piece of advice that we have for you, no matter how you are affected by an unplanned pregnancy, do your research, be well educated and become informed. Explore all the options and find out what resources are available to help. Each person involved in an unplanned pregnancy has a challenging role to navigate.” 

Birth Choice is on the frontlines helping women in our community in the midst of  unplanned pregnancies. Our “services include free pregnancy verification – through pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, options education, parenting classes, baby supplies, after-abortion care classes, miscarriage support, sexual health education, and many other referrals for community resources.”

We want to help everyone in an unplanned pregnancy feel cared for. We spent a lot more time this year talking about how motherhood, fathers, postpartum depression, empowerment, education, miscarriage, and adoption all impact communities in different ways. To learn more about each of those check out our past blogs.

Remember, Birth Choice is always here to help you through the ups and downs of life! If you want to talk more about community or any of these topics we would love to hear from you.

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