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All clients requesting services need to present a photo ID upon arrival.

Birth Choice Women’s Mobile Clinic offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds verified by trained medical staff under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician to confirm viability of pregnancy. Your trust is important to us. When you visit Birth Choice Mobile Clinic and Care Center, we want you to know your information is safe. No matter what service is provided, your results and information are confidential.

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Pregnancy Tests Near Encinatas

Birth Choice Women’s Mobile Clinic provides free pregnancy tests. During pregnancy, a woman’s body produces the hormone hCG, found in urine and blood. Pregnancy tests can detect the hCG pregnancy hormone as early as 4 days before your missed period and are 99% accurate [1]. However, even though urine pregnancy tests are very accurate, they do not measure how much hCG is present in the urine. Since approximately 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, it is important that every pregnancy is confirmed through ultrasound [2].

[1] Taken from product information for BFP™ Pregnancy Tests.
[2] Prine, L. W., MD, & MacNaughton, H., MD. (2011, July 1). Office Management for Early Pregnancy Loss. American Family Physician, 84(1), 75-82.


Every pregnancy should be confirmed as viable through ultrasound. Birth Choice Women’s Mobile Clinic offers limited ultrasounds under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician to confirm pregnancy. This service is free to clients who test positive for pregnancy and meet medical criteria to receive an ultrasound. With current sonogram technology, the ultrasound image is most clear after 6 weeks gestational age.

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Medical Director

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Nurse Manager

Birth Choice Women’s Mobile Clinic provides all its medical services on our 35-foot state-of-the-art mobile clinic which features a counseling intake room, bathroom, waiting room, and ultrasound exam room. This clinic will operate in different locations throughout the week. See our Women’s Mobile Clinic Locations.

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