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Facing an unplanned pregnancy? We're here for you with options and support.


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Free Ultrasounds

Confirm viability, determine gestational age, and confirm pregnancy is in the uterus, all free of charge.


Abortion Info

Process pregnancy options in a judgment-free space with a registered medical provider and a trained client advocate.


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Options Counseling

Make informed pregnancy decisions in a supportive environment with resources tailored to your needs.


Know Your Options.

Whether you're seeking confirmation of pregnancy, thinking about abortion, or just need someone to talk to who understands, we've got your back.


Browse some of our most common questions below or go here to view all FAQs.


To find out if you're pregnant, start with a lab-grade pregnancy test. It's over 99% accurate in spotting pregnancy-related hormone levels.

As a non-profit organization, Birth Choice offers free, confidential pregnancy tests. Those who qualify can also receive a limited OB ultrasound to verify the pregnancy at your appointment.


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On average, there is a 6 day fertile window during which you will ovulate. The egg will live for 12-24 hours; this is the time when your body can get pregnant during each menstrual cycle. This occurs about two weeks after your last period started.

By calculating the time since your last period, you can get a rough idea of your ovulation window and, hence, when you conceived.

Another way to determine the conception date is through an ultrasound. Fetuses tend to grow at a consistent rate, which means the age of the fetus can, quite literally, be measured. As such, an ultrasound can give a more accurate date range than an ovulation calculator.


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Just as with any medical procedure, the amount of pain you experience can vary from person to person based on how your body reacts to treatment and your individual pain tolerance.

However, it's not only personal factors that play a role. The type of abortion you undergo and the stage of fetal development also significantly impact the procedure's experience.


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Yes, Birth Choice offers free and confidential services, providing you with everything you need to make well-informed and practical decisions for your future. You do not need insurance to access our services. If you have a valid photo ID please bring it with you. 

All of our services are confidential and private regardless of age. You are welcome to come alone or bring a friend or parent, but it's not required. 



Abortion pill checklist

Reviewing comprehensive, detailed information on how a chemical abortion works, along with an ultrasound, equips you to determine your next step.


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Abortion Pill Checklist


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"I came here scared and anxious due to past incidences with my pregnancies, and I left happy, calm, and with more knowledge about everything my body is experiencing. Everyone was so nice, and they actually listened to me, which makes a huge difference. If you're looking for a place where they care. Come here 10/10!"
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