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Abortion information

You have the legal right to choose the outcome of your pregnancy. Birth Choice strives to help you make well informed and practical decisions for your future.

After Abortion Care

Abortion is an experience that can involve grief and pain. If you are in emotional or spiritual pain after an abortion, there are resources and options available to help you heal. We are here for you!

Community Resources

Birth Choice partners with many community organizations to provide a wide range of resources. These include medical, housing, adoption and much more.

Earn while you learn pre-natal & pArenting

Sessions provide essential information and tools for parents to help build confidence at any stage of their child’s development.

Miscarriage support

There are many feelings that occur after the loss of a child and sometimes those feelings are minimized making you feel alone. Learn what you need to recover and move back into your life as a new and different person.

Pregnancy verification & ultrasounds

There are some common signs of pregnancy, but they can be confusing and not always accurate. It is wise to verify a positive pregnancy test with an ultrasound to determine if you have a viable pregnancy.

Sexual health

Ideal for teenagers and up, these sessions help young men and women understand how their bodies work, learn good health practices and the value of the decisions they make in relationships.

Women’s mobile clinic

On board, women can receive free pregnancy tests and limited obstetric ultrasounds verified by trained medical staff under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician to confirm viability of pregnancy.