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There are many feelings that occur after the loss of a child and sometimes those feelings are minimized by others. This might make you feel very alone. You also might be struggling to make sense of it all.

Healing after a pregnancy loss does not mean forgetting. This is a time for you to process, to understand your feelings, to learn how to deal with those close to you, and to get what you need to recover and move back into your life as a new and different person.

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This could be a painful process. Everyone’s experience is different. It is not bad or normal; it is your experience. Birth Choice of San Marcos is here to help you acknowledge that what you went through is real, that your feelings matter and to help you fully grieve the loss of your child..

If you have experienced a pregnancy loss, these resources may help you during this difficult time:

Birth Choice provides compassionate, confidential peer counseling from women who have dealt with these same feelings.

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