Things to think about…

  • This situation involves more than just you
  • Your partner needs your support now more than ever
  • You have options
  • Help be a part of an informed decision

She’s Pregnant… Now What?

Your girlfriend, wife or partner has just told you that she’s pregnant or thinks she is. You feel overwhelmed, confused, angry and not in control. What do you do? You have options and Birth Choice Mobile Clinic and Care Center is here to help. We have a team of skilled Client Advocates and medical professionals who will help provide resources to verify pregnancy, offer information on all of your options and walk with you through this difficult situation with hope and support.

At our centers, we understand this is a critical time that requires difficult decisions. We want to help you work through the questions, concerns, and maybe even fears that you might have about being a father. In addition, we provide parenting classes and referrals to help with medical and financial planning.

Men have choices too! Bring your partner into one of our centers for a free pregnancy test, ultrasound, support and education.