Essential Has Changed

Essential Has Changed

Whoever thought the word “essential” would label grocery store workers and not just fancy face creams.  I have never heard that word so much in my life. I’d bet my next package of toilet paper that everyone is just as sick of hearing the word “essential” as I am. 


As I write, it’s been 38 days of self-quarantine for myself, my husband, my 3 year old human whirlwind, and my lil chunk of a 10 month old. May I just say I have a WHOLE new definition of “essential.” 


Essential used to mean getting Ruby (3) out of the house at LEAST once a day. Or, visiting a family member nearby for much needed adult conversation. Even just going to the park to visit with other moms equally tired and yet still wanting to talk solely about our littles revived my coffee driven mom-zombie self.  


This whole experience is distilling what essential means to all of us as individuals, couples, and families. 


Essential to me as a woman- peaceful uninterrupted showers & to keep busy.

(Did you know you CAN clean in between the glass panels of your oven window?? YouTube it. You’re welcome!!)


Essential to my husband – respect for his workspace.


Essential to Ruby – playtime with mommy.


Essential to baby- mommy. 


There is some beauty in recognizing that in general, it seems the answers get shorter the younger we are. Keep giving yourself grace during this time ❤️ it is after all… Essential. 



Written by guest contributor & friend of Birth Choice: Jade Asbill


Jade is a 29 years old homemaker, mommy to a 3 year old human tornado & a 10 month old loveable chunk, wife to a computer game creator, and an essential oil loving sewing novelist.