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Why Our Community Needs Dads

Why Our Community Needs Dads

“There is a crisis in America. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 19.7 million children, more than 1 in 4, live without a father in the home”, said by the National Father Initiative. Last month we focused on moms, and now, this month, we want to focus on dads. Having involved fathers impacts our community in many ways. The example a father plays in the lives of his children and consequently the community speaks volumes!

Alright dads… Maybe you just found out your partner is pregnant or maybe you’ve been a dad for a while. Either way, we want to touch on a few important things. If you just found out your partner is pregnant – this can be overwhelming, exciting, challenging or even a little scary. Whatever you may be feeling, we want to challenge you to COMMIT.

Our community needs dad’s who are willing to be there for their children. Commit for the benefit of your child. Depending on your relationship with the mom, this may mean committing to her in marriage. Or it may mean having a detailed conversation about what co-parenting would look like for the two of you. Commit to respect one another during this new time for you both! Regardless of your relationship with her, it is crucial that you commit to be a father. Not only will this commitment to being a father stand out to the mom but it will also stand out to the people you surround yourself with. Being a father starts the moment you find out about the pregnancy. You might not realize it, but the father’s involvement during pregnancy impacts the health of both the mother and child which ultimately will impact the community as a whole.

Another very important piece of your fatherhood journey is becoming someone who is respectful and respected. Being a man of respect will positively shape our community. Not only will you be respected by your community but you will help teach your kids to also be respectful. This can start with you being respectful of your child’s mother. One of the greatest gifts a father can give his children is showing love and respect to their mother. Show thoughtfulness to the mother by offering to help, giving her a break and putting your own personal interests aside to become a team who works together in the best interest of the children. Show respect to your child by listening to them, giving advice, and being dependable! How? By always doing what you say, being on time, following through with commitments, and being honest. In this way, you model behavior that will grow virtuous children who will then live out these same qualities in life. Remember, your child is watching you more than you realize, so your character and actions will shape the character and actions your child displays as they grow and interact in the world.

We believe that you have the ability to be the best dad. We are here for you to help support you on your journey and we even offer parenting classes to help you learn more. Never forget, your involvement and commitment matter to the next generation.

Birth Choice is always here to help you navigate the ups and downs of discovering your fatherhood! If you want to talk to someone, we are here to help and empower you!

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