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Why Empowering Women Impacts The Community 

Why Empowering Women Impacts The Community

Empowerment and education are two focal points of Birth Choice. We have seen first hand the impact they can have on women. However, we believe the two must go hand in hand. Without education women can’t be empowered and without becoming empowered education goes nowhere. Ultimately an empowered woman will be able to positively impact the community at large. Empowering a woman enables her to have knowledge, strength, and the reassurance to meet any challenge she may be going through.

When I meet with a woman, my goal is to help her become empowered to make a decision she will feel good about ten days or ten years from now. I want her to know that I am here to support her now and that I have her best interest for the long term in mind as well. Through the process of meeting a woman, she can become educated on her options, her health, and all the resources available for her use. This enables her to make a fully informed decision. If she fully understands all of her choices she is likely to feel better about the decision she will make and have the strength to make that decision even though it might be difficult. Lastly, empowered women feel reassured. When a woman finds out she’s pregnant she may have doubts and fears which is what we want to help her overcome. Some of these doubts may be emotional and some may be physical but whatever they are, we are here to provide her with resources and encouragement. After a woman leaves us, we hope she feels empowered. We also hope that she will take the education and empowerment she has acquired to help others in the community.

We can’t reach everyone, but we can reach those who come to us and then they can reach the rest of the community as they share their story, the information they have learned and encourage others to become empowered as well.

An educated woman can be empowered, and an empowered woman strives to be educated and be a support to others.

Birth Choice is here to help women become both educated and empowered.

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