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Why Choose Marriage Anyway?

Why Choose Marriage Anyway?

Why choose marriage anyway? Kind of an interesting question when you think about it. Today we want to talk about a topic that is near and dear to our hearts. That topic is…(drum roll please)…marriage and why it matters! Since it’s February and everyone seems to have googly eyes for each other, we thought it would be fitting to talk about relationships, specifically marriage. Marriage is good for our health, our children and even our societies and that’s why it’s so important. Whether you are single, engaged, married or anything in between, we believe this article will be beneficial for you. So settle in for some fun and if you decide to munch on some chocolate hearts while reading this, we won’t judge.

Marriage can literally save your life…

There is so much research that shows that married people live longer than unmarried people —> Married people tend to eat healthier and eat out less which helps to reduce sodium in their diet. Married people also have a loved one to help them when they are feeling sick which leads to quicker recoveries.

Marriage makes you richer…

Married couples have twice the money and assets that unmarried couples do. Marriage also helps keep you accountable to the money you do spend since it affects more than just yourself. Lastly, marriage comes with tax, inheritance and social security benefits. Did I just hear “cha ching”?

Marriage helps children become healthier…

Children who grow up in a home with their two married parents are healthier, on average, than children who grow up in a home in which their parents just live together. Children who grow up with their married parents are also less likely to misbehave or drop out of school. They are also less likely to face teen pregnancy and drug/alcohol abuse ( Incredible, incredible facts!

Marriage leads to safer and better sex…

One reason that sex is better and safer in marriage is that married people, on average, are more faithful to each other than people who simply live together. One study found that only 4 percent of wives are unfaithful compared to 20 percent of unmarried women who just live with a man. This leads to less sexually transmitted infections and more trustworthy relationships. ( If you are interested in other statistics that show why marriage protects you from sexually transmitted infections, we wrote a blog about it and you can check it out here —> 

Honestly, we could go on and on about how marriage is wonderful and beneficial. How can a piece of paper that says ‘married” work such miracles? Statistics just show that people who live together, for the most part, don’t reap the same kinds of benefits that men and women who marry do. Something about marriage as a social institution gives wedlock the power to change individuals’ lives. Now, we know marriage is hard work (because all the best things in life are hard work) but we believe that every marriage has hope! Good marriages can go bad but bad marriages can also become good! If you want to discuss this important topic any further, our Birth Choice door is always open to you (even our virtual door) —> . Lastly, since it is February we wanted to let you know that we love you! 

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