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Preparing for Change

Preparing for Change

Change is always something we will face, it is inevitable. So, if we know we will constantly face change in our lives, we better be prepared for it. We hope you had time to rest over the holidays and think about the new year.

This past year we experienced so many changes. Some were hard, some were good, some didn’t affect us and some impacted us greatly. No matter what, I think it was a good reminder to all of us that life is constantly changing and if we hold too tightly to the things in our life that are out of our control, we will be disappointed when change does occur.

It’s a new year. Are we ready for the fact that changes will likely occur? We would like to take this time to focus on how we can better adapt to and accept change.

The most important thing is to first accept in your mind that change is a part of life. We can see it just by looking around at nature. Take for example the change in the seasons. Nature is a good reminder that we too should realize that adaptation is constantly occurring.

Another way that we can help ourselves accept change is to look back and see the good that has come from past changes in our life. Although some changes can be hard, I think when we reflect on that time, we often realize that we wouldn’t choose to have things go any other way. A third way to cope is to remind yourself that it can take time to adjust to change. You don’t have to be okay with it right when it happens but at least give yourself some time to relax and get used to things.

The final way you can be more open to change, is knowing that your perspective on how you choose to approach new situations can set you up to view the situation positively or negatively. If we choose, we view change as an opportunity for growth rather than a burden. This way we will get so much more out of the changes we will face.

So yes, change can be hard but change is everywhere and we can handle it positively and with a good attitude. Let’s step into this new year ready and eager to face new changes and the opportunities they can bring!

Remember, Birth Choice is always ready to walk with you through the changes of life.

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