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Myth or Fact [ What is a Mobile Clinic & Care Center ]

Myth or Fact [ What is a Mobile Clinic & Care Center ]

This blog article is so good for so many reasons! Not only are we debunking some myths associated with pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), but also we got to do a super-secret interview with the CEO, Heidi Hill! Okay, it wasn’t that secret but it was that awesome. She helped to answer some questions that you may be asking while shedding light on important issues. So please grab your favorite fall latte (because we love all things pumpkin) and get cozy for this article…

Myth #1– Pregnancy Resource Centers are trying to get my money somehow.

Fact– Our services are 100% free and we don’t receive any state funding. All of our funding comes from private donations and we don’t financially benefit from any client’s decisions whether they keep the child or not.

Myth #2– You’ll make me feel ashamed if I went to give my baby up for adoption.

Fact– No way! We fully support adoption as a respected viable option. It’s a very mature option and we respect that a woman may realize that she is not ready to parent at this time and want what is best for her child.

Myth #3– My family will be notified of my pregnancy or notified that I visited the PRC.

Fact– We are not legally allowed to notify your family. All services are confidential by law and HIPAA regulation, even if they are a minor.

Myth #4– Pregnancy Resource Centers are only run by volunteers.

Fact– We do have volunteers as well as paid staff and medical professionals who are all specifically trained for their specific job title and duties. An example is our Mobile Clinic ( that is run by our nurse manager, overseen by our medical director, and licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health.

Myth #5– PRC’s will try to deceive me into keeping the baby.

Fact– We think of women too highly to even imagine that they could be deceived. We know that women are smart enough to make their own decisions and we just want to educate and help her as she makes those decisions. Birth Choice offers local resources and information throughout the decision process and seeks to stay in touch, no matter the decision she made.

Myth #6– You won’t care about me after the baby is born.

Fact– Not true one bit! Our client advocates are required to stay in touch throughout the pregnancy and after the baby is born.. We offer classes for after the baby is born called ‘Earn While You Learn’ that offer pre-natal and parenting information to help build confidence and encourage new moms and dads. We also welcome anyone who chooses an abortion and who would benefit for our After Abortion Care services

Myth #7 – Is Birth Choice one of those fake clinics? What is a Mobile Clinic and Care Center? What’s the difference?

Fact- Birth Choice was a Pregnancy Resource Center which is an organization that provides educational, support and referral services within the community. As such PRC’s must abide by all state regulations. Last year we became licensed by the state of California Department of Public Health (woot woot!) to operate a Mobile Medical Clinic which enables us to provide medical services by our registered nurses like ultrasounds and pregnancy tests. So, as a mobile clinic and care center we now operate all the functions listed above and all services are overseen by our medical director to be up to date and medically accurate! If you couldn’t tell already, we are very excited about our Mobil Medical Clinic!

We hope that this article helped clarify some of the false information that you may have heard about pregnancy resource centers. Please know that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU and want you to know how much we care. The most encouraging time of the interview with CEO, Heidi Hill, was when I asked her the question “Why does Birth Choice care about women and their babies anyways?”. I will just end with her answer below…

“I personally care about women because I have faced many tough decisions and their consequences. I deeply believe that women are the backbones of society and their wellness is vital…whether mental, physical or spiritual. One of my biggest goals at Birth Choice is to empower women because they in return can change their community for the better.” -Heidi Hill, CEO


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