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Miscarriage: The Sadness You Didn’t Choose

Miscarriage: The Sadness You Didn’t Choose

 Did you know that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a miscarriage? This is a real loss that a quarter of pregnant women, at a given time, will have to face. Since miscarriage is common we think it is important to bring awerness to it. Let’s look into what miscarriage looks like for the woman involved and those she is closest with. 

For most women, the minute she finds out she’s pregnant everything changes, her motherly bond with her growing child starts to form and she begins to dream of their future. As she continues to prepare for this new life, something happens and she knows something isn’t right. As fear floods her mind, the reality of a miscarriage begins to sink in but she’s still in disbelief. The questions begin to pile up and she feels guilty she did something wrong. Now she sits there alone, heartbroken and unsure what to do next. These feelings are common emotions. However, many women feel like they are alone because miscarriage is saldom talked about. If you recently experinced a miscarriage, we hurt with you. We want you to know that your experience is unique and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. During this time, more than anything, you need support. This may be from people you are close to or from a group. Regardless of who it is we want you to find what you need and know you are not alone as you move toward healing. 

Chances are, if you haven’t experienced a miscarrige personally, you know someone who has. Often times the pain of a miscarrige will affect you as well. The way you grieve during this time might look differently, but your feelings are just as valid. Not only are you going through your own grieving process but you may be trying to be there for her as well. The best ways you can do this are through; acknowledge the life by remembering the child as part of the family, being sensitive and aware of the comments you make, sending a card of encouragement, giving a memento in remembrance, and looking for practical ways to help (i.e. bringing a meal). In this time of difficulty know that there is HOPE and healing.

Birth Choice is here for you if you or someone you know is looking for support in this time of hurt. We believe that miscarriage is not something that anyone should have to face alone.

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Birth Choice provides compassionate, confidential peer counseling from women who have dealt with these same feelings. Please call to set up an appointment. Services are absolutely free. We can help!” 


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