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How Unplanned Pregnancy Affects The Community

How Unplanned Pregnancy Affects The Community

Anytime we face something unexpected, we tend to react based on our feelings rather than logic. An unplanned pregnancy can initially bring up feelings of fear, stress or failure. But, when someone steps back and logically looks at the situation, an unplanned pregnancy can also prompt courage, joy and success. Let’s look at some of the different people who could be affected by unplanned pregnancies.

First there is the woman, she often feels the heaviest weight of the situation as it is her life that is the most dramatically changed. Women in an unplanned pregnancy can often feel overwhelmed and alone. However, when they can find resources, help, and support, they can feel empowered and capable, regardless of the timing. 

Next, we have the man in the unplanned pregnancy. Men can react in one of three ways. They might flee at this news or tell her to have an abortion (fear), say they don’t care what she chooses (lack of confidence), or decide to support her (courage). These feelings of fear, lack of confidence, or courage, have a huge impact on a woman’s decision. A man may not realize the influence he has on his partner. Often, all a woman wants to hear is that he is willing to support her and that they are capable of doing this together. 

Another relationship that can be impacted is the parents of the woman or man facing an unplanned pregnancy. Parents want what is best for their children and want them to succeed. Although an unplanned pregnancy may change the direction of their child’s life, this does not mean they won’t be successful. If you want them to achieve great things with confidence, think logically of ways to prepare them to be successful in life that might also include parenting. 

Last, we want to talk about how an unplanned pregnancy can affect you as a friend. Realize this: if your friend is coming to you in this situation, they must really trust you. This can be a scary time for someone facing an unplanned pregnancy and although you might be scared too, this is your time to be strong and encouraging, while helping your friend think it through. Your friendship may change, but they will still need you even if the relationship is different. 

One piece of advice that we have for you, no matter how you are affected by an unplanned pregnancy, do your research, be well educated and become informed. Explore all the options and find out what resources are available to help. Each person involved in an unplanned pregnancy has a challenging role to navigate.

Remember, Birth Choice is always here, with trained staff, to help you through the ups and downs of life! If you want to talk to someone about unplanned pregnancy, give us a call! We are here to help and empower you. You are not alone and you do not have to face an unplanned pregnancy alone. 

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