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How COVID Has Helped the Abortion Industry

How COVID Has Helped the Abortion Industry

For many pro-lifers, we hoped that abortion clinics would not be considered essential during these times. However, we have seen quite the opposite. As women are struggling to get into their regular OB’s, many find themselves going to facilities like Planned Parenthood. Walking into an abortion facility could be devastating for a woman who may already be struggling to pay rent after losing her job due to COVID or is scared of how being pregnant during this time could impact her or the baby,. We have heard countless stories of the way abortion facilities push abortion as the best option so it should come to no surprise that they would use COVID as another opportunity for scaring women into believing that abortion is the only choice. US Today writer David Crary writes, “Women are more likely to go through with procedures now”, one clinic reports. One of the biggest challenges in counseling pregnant women is uncertainty.  Dr. Anne Davis, an OB-GYN at Columbia University Medical Center in New York said, ‘We don’t know enough about this to say it’s going to be fine – your pregnancy will proceed in usual fashion and there will be no impact from COVID-19. They want us to say it will be alright. We have to say, ‘We don’t know.’”

At Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, deputy director Alison Dreith stated that women are now less likely to change their minds once they schedule an abortion. Normally, 50% go through with it. Now, amid the pandemic, the rate is 85%. Hope Clinic staff member Hannah Dismer said one couple decided to terminate a pregnancy they had planned! The wife worried that giving birth at a hospital might expose her to the coronavirus and create risk for the child they have. As you can see fear of COVID and the changes that result are driving women to consider abortion more than usual.

On top of abortion industries continuing to use the fear tactic amidst COVID, they have pushed hard to create access to the abortion pill online. This is extremely alarming! A group called CHOIX located here in California recently came to my attention. Their mission “is to improve your ability to safely, quickly and discreetly get access to quality, affordable sexual and reproductive healthcare and education from anywhere.” So, what exactly does this mean?  If you go on to their website you will see that their services are done through telehealth. They provide four services: Birth control, emergency contraception, UTI treatment, and medication abortion. If you are ages 13+ you can receive birth control and emergency contraception. Medication abortion is offered for those ages 16+ and UTI treatment isn’t offered till you are ages 18+. They are willing to provide minors with abortion, birth control and emergency contraception but they won’t treat minors with UTI’s. Hmm this is confusing. The screening they do on their website isn’t anywhere near the level of screening that women deserve. Children aren’t capable of making these kinds of decisions on their own and certainly should not be able to order these, potentially life altering, medications online without being seen by a doctor in person to truly evaluate their health. In California, children of any age have access to reproductive health services without the notification or consent of parents yet all other general medical services require a minimum of parental notification if not full parental consent. I hope this makes you as upset as it made me when I saw this! When we see something that enrages us, we have two options. We can dwell on it and let the anger grow in our hearts but not do anything productive with those feelings or we can let that anger lead us to actions that create change.

I urge you to let this information sink in, think about what it means for our future generations, and then DO something! Some ways you can start getting involved: participate in our parent classes or have Heidi Hill (our CEO) come speak about how to be an involved parent and learn how to have an ongoing conversation with your kids about sexual health, host a baby shower for Birth Choice so we can support women in the community, make a donation to Birth Choice so we can continue to be a safe place for women, learn what your child’s school teaches in sex ed by reviewing the curriculum, learn who teaches it and what services the school provides. These may not always be obvious. You could also form a parenting group that works together for the safety of your children. It’s a lot to learn and know. Working together covers more ground. Don’t presume that the school or even Doctors know best. You are the parent and ultimately the expert on your child. Do your research before saying yes to anything and if you feel you are being pressured, that’s a red flag. Reach out to professionals who share your values and ask questions. Your local pregnancy center is a great place to start! If we don’t fight for the safety and innocence of our future generations who will?

Birth Choice is an active member of the community in helping those facing unplanned pregnancies and issues regarding their sexual health. We would love to help you get more involved too.

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