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How Adoption Impacts Community

How Adoption Impacts Community

Adoption has a beautiful way of impacting communities one family at a time. Every adoption story is unique. Check out this story from a former client about her adoption experience.

The 3rd Option

I assume most women who seek care at Birth Choice come from a variety of backgrounds and for many different reasons. For me, Birth Choice was a recovery place for post abortion care, and soon thereafter, an education center for The 3rd Option when I found myself pregnant again. Without going into details of how I got there, I knew that this second unplanned pregnancy was a chance to make a different choice than I had before. Birth Choice presented me with a wealth of information through videos, brochures, and referrals to people and places that could help me with both single parenting and open adoption. I knew in my heart of hearts that Life was the most important answer in the end. At about 5 months pregnant I decided on the beautiful option of a domestic (local family) and open (communication after) adoption. It’s different for every birth mom, but the reasons I chose adoption were simple: I wanted my son to have a father from the beginning of his life and be born into a financially stable home. And a big part of me admitted, I had no desire to be a mom. I was not ready! But my son’s adoptive parents were, with open arms and expecting hearts.

Looking back, now a few months postpartum, there are times I wish I was holding a baby in my arms. In weak moments I feel a lack of purpose, and I think a baby would fulfill that void. But in truth, I remind myself that for all the right reasons, my son is with his forever parents, and I will be his forever Birth Mom. If you, or someone you know, are on the fence about parenting or placing into open adoption, the best advice I can give is start asking questions. Seek unbiased information from everyone you can. You DO know what’s best for your child, but there’s a lot of information out there. Birth Choice helps by bridging the gap between head and heart with educational resources to make the best decision possible. You are never alone.

This community of adoptive parents, open adoption organizations, alternative birth centers, and birth parents (including me) all WANT to be there for you, sharing what we have to offer and walking this journey with you! As I share with more and more people, my world grows a whole lot smaller, and my heart grows a whole lot bigger. In the end, life is the most important choice and remember, there is always a 3rd Option.

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