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COMMUNITY….. This word has many different meanings and can symbolize various relationships. During this year, we will be expanding on several aspects of this word! You can live in a particular community – this is when you live in a certain area, but community can also be a group where you feel a sense of belonging. No matter which way the word is being used, we know that you are constantly impacting your community in a positive or negative way.

We’ve all heard of community service. This is a perfect example of how we can positively impact people individually and in groups around us. Getting out, volunteering and being involved in community organizations or events helps people come together. Also, when we are able to give back to our community it brings us a different kind of joy, one of giving rather than receiving. When we step back and see that we are all just a small piece in a big picture, it can help us see our own place, taking the attention off of ourselves and focus on helping others. You can impact the community not only through serving but also through your example.

You have the opportunity to be a person of influence. When you live your life differently than most, people will notice. Whether that’s through the way you treat your significant other and your friends or through the way you care for strangers. This year we want to challenge you to be a person of influence in your community. Be a positive role model or mentor to those who are younger than you. Be a person of strong character and boundaries. Leadership comes from influence.

Another part of community is your close personal community. Who are the people you live your everyday life with? Do you like their character and do they have traits that you admire? It has been said that often you act like the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So ask yourself, are these the people who inspire you to reach your goals and encourage you in difficult times? Better yet, are you that person in your community of friends? We all need a solid community of friends and sometimes these people are members of our families as well. Having a community you can fall back on in tough times and celebrate the good times with is what makes life more meaningful! Humans are designed for relationship and companionship which is why we thrive in community. This year we encourage you to grow your community and be a positive influence on those you interact with. 

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