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Change in Relationships

Change in Relationships

Have you ever had a friendship develop that brings you new joy? We know change can bring freshness into our life. Change can also challenge who we are.  Relationships can bring both freshness and challenges as they change. There are two ways change can occur in relationships; in how close we feel to one another and the health of the relationship as predicted by the health of each of the individuals in the couple.

Let’s take a look at what some healthy and unhealthy relationships look like. Healthy relationships occur when you feel respected, cared for and fought for. Then, you reciprocate those actions to your friend or partner. When we spend time with someone, we should leave feeling better about who we are because of their encouragement. To reciprocate, a good question to ask yourself is; “How do others feel about themselves after they spend time with me?”. If you can’t confidently answer that question with a positive response you might be contributing to an unhealthy relationship. Unhealthy relationships lack respect, care, and effort. They can sometimes progress to being abusive, either verbally or physically. No one wants to wake up and find themselves feeling trapped in an abusive relationship. Notice the signs of an unhealthy relationship ahead of time, and don’t be afraid to take action by making decisions to save yourself later. Not only do we need to evaluate the overall health of the relationship but also the health of each individual and what they bring to the relationship. After all, a relationship is only as healthy as the two individuals who are in it. 

Sometimes we have to accept that we just aren’t in the right place to be searching for a relationship, or, maybe the person we are with is not in a good place. That’s okay. You realizing that is a step in the direction of creating a healthy version of you that is able to acknowledge this and allow you to make appropriate decisions that will lead to a healthy relationship even if that means moving on.

Take a moment to evaluate yourself and your relationship.

Encourages Brings you down
Selfless and giving Selfish
Faithful Not loyal
Understanding Demanding
Honest Devious

Change in relationships occurs over time. As friendships progress often times so does the level of closeness. The more we understand the uniqueness of another person the more we learn to appreciate what they have to offer. This change can bring a freshness to our life as we experience new things through this relationship. However, change in closeness can also be challenging when the level of closeness declines with time. Sometimes, as relationships go on we drift apart which can be a difficult process to walk through. There are many reasons why you may drift apart, whether it be that the relationship fizzles out or you move in different directions. Even if it’s not negative, that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard on you. People desire to be known and loved in relationships which is why we are filled with joy as relationships progress and saddened when they don’t work out.

Life is full of change. Let’s learn to be people who are marked by respect, encouragement, effort, and care. Because with those traits we can create healthier relationships. Healthy relationships will increase closeness. Put in the hard work, choose others who are working on their own emotional health, and you will get the reward of a healthy relationship.

 Remember, Birth Choice is always here to help you through your relationships! If you want to talk to someone more please don’t hesitate to call. We are here to help and empower you. 

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