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A Father’s Impact

A Father’s Impact

This blog goes out to all you fathers out there! We have some advice and guidance that can help you become the best father you can be. Maybe you’ve been a dad for a while but are looking for ways to be an even better dad. First, we want to applaud you for your desire to learn and change for the benefit of your child’s future! Now it’s time to put that desire to commit into action!

It has been said that what you love most is reflected by what you spend the most time doing. You should ask yourself, “does my time spent with my child show them how much I love them?” We know that, “how a father spends his time tells his children what’s most important to him. Can you include your children in what you are doing and teach them about the things that interest you? Because if you always seem too busy for your children, they will feel neglected no matter what you say”, as said in 10 Ways To Be A Better Dad published by the National Father Initiative.

Spending time with your child can vary depending on their age of development, but you can make it a fun time that appeals to their interests! A few ideas are: playing outdoors at a park, teaching them a new sport, or attending a school event with them. Eating a meal together, where meaningful conversations took place, and everyone had the opportunity to catch up and share their day is a lost art.

Communicating without a screen can enhance social interaction and create a world where people know how to connect and value interpersonal relationships.

We know parents are so busy and it can be hard to find time. Allowing your child to participate in what you are doing like washing the car, landscaping the yard or baking a pie can also provide meaningful time together. By doing this you are helping your children learn responsibility, teaching them a skill, and creating future adults who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard. They are also learning how to work with others and communicate effectively. Any time together can help you to connect. You won’t regret any time spent with your child!

Another piece of this fatherhood journey that is often left unspoken is discipline. Being a good father doesn’t mean you give your child everything they want, or that you should let them get away with any behavior. Being a good father means setting rules, expectations, and boundaries for what behaviors are acceptable and enforcing the proper consequences if those are broken. Having consequences that are related and reasonable is crucial. Discipline done right is loving, even if they don’t appreciate it in the moment, and ultimately sets your child up for a successful life. This will help them to become a disciplined individual, who can say no to behaviors that are not in their best interest and make sound choices that lead to a bright future.

We believe that you have the ability to grow and continually mature into the best father you can be! We are here for you to help support you on your journey. Never forget, your involvement and commitment matter to the next generation.

Birth Choice is always here to help you navigate the ups and downs of discovering your fatherhood! If you want to talk to someone, we are here to help and empower you!

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