Virtual baby bottle program

A New program where everyday purchases can support life

Why «Virtual»?

Pro-life organizations like Birth Choice have utilized traditional baby bottle drives for ongoing financial support. This can be cumbersome, time-consuming and few use cash. Birth Choice wants to simplify and adapt our way of collecting that spare “change”.

How it Works

Register your favorite Debit or Credit card using the link below. As you swipe your card, transactions are automatically rounded up to the next dollar – the difference is then donated directly to Birth Choice each month. Make one time gifts, set monthly donation limits, print tax documents, and manage or add cards through the sophisticated online portal.

Use your registered card for purchases

Transactions Automatically Round Up

Difference is Donated to Birth Choice

Let's See It in Action!

Every time you use your card when running errands, shopping online, paying bills, or making purchases, you are supporting Birth Choice! Your everyday purchases are saving LIFE by enabling Birth Choice to offer free services to help women and men in need. Simply set it and forget it.

Sign Up for the Virtual Baby Bottle Program

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