How Great Is Our God

Join Us In Reclaiming An
Abortionist’s Office For Life

We’re Moving and Expanding!

On Mother’s Day, we held a beautiful prayer service at our new location with approximately 70 people in
attendance praising our Great God, singing and blessing the building. Pastors and church leaders from the community facilitated and we heard from the son of one of our founders in commemoration of His mother who is with our Lord. Many gifted us with diapers and wipes as a love offering for Mother’s Day. 

Thank you to all who attended! 

Support Our Move

This move requires broad support and gifts of any size make an incredible difference in our goal. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to bring light to darkness. A monthly donation will help cover the items above, while a one-time gift will help cover tenant improvements, moving expenses and website updates. If you prefer to donate an item from our Amazon Wishlist, you can do so here. Thank you for your generosity.

Campaign Goals

$2,500 in Monthly Support

What it Covers:

• Increase in rent and utilities
• More ultrasound reads
• Purchasing additional client supplies
• Additional client-faced ad spend

$150,000 in Gifts and Pledges

What it Covers:

• Tenant improvements
     • Two exam rooms
     • Two ultrasound machines
     • One client intake room
     • OSHPD compliant built-in
     • New reception area
• Moving expenses
• Furniture and amenities
• Website refresh

The Birth Choice Story Told by Gracie Denny, Co-Founder of Birth Choice

Birth Choice was founded 34 years ago as an alternative to an abortionist’s office at this exact location. We are now reclaiming this space for Christ, for Life. Would you join us in this victory? Together we can take back this space and consecrate it to our Lord for His lifesaving mission.

“We will be moving into the darkest place in San Marcos, where for decades six days a week 40-60 lives were taken. We will reclaim it…for Christ. For Life. For Light. How great is our God!” -Heidi Hill, CEO

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Founded in 1987, Birth Choice Mobile Clinic and Care Center offers 100% FREE services, support and education regarding pregnancy, reproductive and sexual health, parenting and reproductive loss in a caring and confidential environment


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