Earn While You Learn Parenting and Prenatal Workshops provide essential knowledge for first-time parents. This one-on-one mentorship program builds confidence and encourages new moms and dads along the way. EWYL will teach a mother, healthy pregnancy practices, how to breastfeed her baby and how to take care of herself after childbirth. It will teach parents how to bond with their unborn baby and raise children to be responsible young adults.

The video scripts containing medical information are reviewed and approved by the CDC, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the FDA and other medically reliable sources to ensure that recommendations are presented accurately.

By attending these classes, you will be able to earn “Seed Money”, enabling you to “purchase” items from our Baby Boutique or you can save your “Seed Money” to purchase larger, more costly items, like cribs or high chairs, to be purchased at a later date.

Bumps & Babies

Join participants from Earn While You Learn classes for a fun, bi-monthly “Bumps & Babies” potluck evening event where expectant and new mothers can share in a meal and socialize prior to an informative lesson regarding successful parenting. 

You don’t want to miss out! Click below for our event schedule and sign-ups for the event as well as potluck items. We hope to see you there!