A New Way to Save Lives and Support Women!

Your small change can have a BIG IMPACT on the lives of women and babies in need. 


A Secure, Easy, and Affordable Way to Give.

Support Birth Choice though CaringCent

CaringCent is a fun, easy and hassle-free way for donors to give spare change to Birth Choice. Donors register a credit or debit card online, purchases are rounded up to the next dollar, and the change is donated. Whether you go to the grocery store, run errands, shop online, or stop at the gas station to fill up, you can give back. It has never been easier to support Birth Choice.


You stop at the store to grab a few items. Your total purchase is $27.52. You pay with your registered credit card and it automatically rounds the purchase to the next dollar ($28.00). Without even noticing, you have made a small donation of $ .48 to a charity you love. All of these small gifts from many supporters add up and produce a big impact.

CaringCent is customized to meet donor needs while minimizing the charity’s administration

  • MAXIMIZE GIVING – Donors can give from more than one card (business and personal, for example)
  • STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET – set your monthly maximum
  • KEEP ORGANIZED – log-in to see donation reports for tax purposes

By signing up, you can have your credit card transactions automatically rounded up and the change donated to Birth Choice! Signing up is secure and only takes a few minutes. You can manage your giving from the online portal. For more information on CaringCent, you can visit their website here

Support Birth Choice though CaringCent